Online Video Marketing is rapidly becoming the popular choice of medium for the ever increasing online generation. The future of online advertising is video marketing.  If you are an online marketer, then you must completely familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of video marketing.  This article gets you started by giving you five exciting video marketing tips. Even as an experienced video marketer you can learn a thing or two about improving your return on investment, and marketing technique.


When it comes to online videos, there are a number of ways you can go about it.  The most common and basic method is to simply record yourself using a basic video camera.  You would do this to demonstrate how to accomplish a certain task.  For example, if you wanted to demonstrate proper chin-up techniques, you would record a segment using your video camera doing proper chin-ups.  This effectively demonstrates something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to show on a computer.

On the other hand, if you wanted to demonstrate how to use a particular software program you would use a screen capture program.  Screen capture programs essentially record everything that you are doing on your computer screen and turn it into a video.  You can use this method for Internet marketing, or tutorial videos.  As an online marketer you have to determine which one of these techniques would work well with your particular niche.  Each technique requires its own set of tools. The following are the different tools required to create successful video marketing projects online:

  1. For any “how to” techniques that are conducted offline, you simply need a decent video camera and a tripod or camera person to do the recording.Try to make your videos original and exciting.  You only have a few seconds to grab your viewer’s attention and therefore you need to say or do something at the beginning of your video that intrigues them. Always stick to the topic of the video.



  1. For any “how to” techniques conducted online or on screen, you simply need a screen capture program like Camtasia. There are plenty of screen capture programs online. Some of them are free. Find one that gives you the most features and flexibility.



  1. With a good screen capture program you also need a good quality microphone.If your listeners only hear static or muffled sounds, then no matter how informative or exciting your video, they will leave.  If you are recording outside or in a crowded environment, then make sure that your microphone can cancel out background noises, so your listeners don’t miss out on what you have to say.
  2. Make sure to rehearse and write down what you want to say. A proper professionally- created video will always perform better than one slapped together in five minutes. You can create a script for your message beforehand and practice it once or twice before going to record.  Remember to value your customer’s time. You wouldn’t want to sit through a poorly made video, so bearing that in mind, create something that you can be proud of and that your customers will feel thankful to watch. Don’t stammer during your video.  This is why you rehearse your script before hand.  Stammering will cause your listeners to loose interest and credibility in what you are saying.
  3. Finally don’t just create a video and place it on your own website. Submit your video to as many video sites as you possibly can.Your video has a better chance of going viral when more people are viewing it.  Optimize your video using the appropriate key words when submitting your video.  Many keywords are not necessary.  You only require 2 or 3 targeting keywords at best.  Make sure to use those keywords in your title, description and tags for the video to get the best search engine ranking.



You are now ready to jump start your video marketing career using the aforementioned tips.  Don’t bother with trial and error methods as they will simply waste your time. This is what works and has worked well for a long time now.  Now start recording!