Being successful means Converting Visits Into Sales. In addition, as an affiliate marketer involves more than simply bringing mass traffic to your website. While having thousands of unique visitors per month may be a statistic to boast about, it does little to improve your bottom line if you are unable to convert visits into sales. All traffic to an affiliate website is not good traffic. You want visitors who are interested in your products, and if your visitors are not interested at first, you want to generate interest by establishing a personal connection with your visitors, lending credibility to your website and instilling confidence in your product recommendations.


Know Your Products

An astute website visitor can tell whether you really understand what you are selling or are simply pushing products blindly. The most effective way to illustrate to your visitors that you truly understand a product is to purchase it yourself–something many affiliate marketers avoid. Being able to provide recommendations about a product based on your own firsthand experience creates a personal connection with your visitors and increases the power of your marketing message. Do not hesitate to tell your visitors that you only recommend the products you use and enjoy, and back those claims up by writing negative reviews on products you dislike. You can still include an affiliate link for a product, even if you have reviewed it negatively. Your visitors may decide to give the product a chance anyway. Always request free review samples of new products that appear within your affiliate marketing niche. If you can prove to a manufacturer that you have a large and loyal reader base or that you have had several successful affiliate campaigns, they will be eager to accept the business that you can bring their way.


Establish a Brand

If you want visitors to keep coming to your website, it helps to have a domain name that is short, catchy and easy to remember. It can be difficult to find a short domain name that is available for purchase. However, this is a crucial part of the website development process. Savvy visitors recognize comically long domain names as affiliate portals and leave immediately. Create an original logo for your website, as well. If you are unable to do this, commission an artist to design the logo for you. A short domain name, professional logo and clean website layout all lend an air of professionalism to your website and encourage visitors to stay and explore further. These elements also turn a website from an affiliate portal to a brand. Consumers like brands; they associate personality traits such as ìtrustworthyî or ìreliableî to brands, giving further credibility to your marketing message.


Present Your Message

When you create an affiliate link on your website, use a text link that flows naturally within the copy. For example, perhaps you have a website that reviews beauty products, and you post a review that begins, ìIíve just discovered a new way to shape your own eyebrows with less pain.î Turn the phrase ìshape your own eyebrowsî into the link rather than appending ìClick here for more informationî at the end. Visitors will be more likely to click the link, and more clicked links lead to more affiliate sales. Additionally, limit your use of banners and Flash advertisements. Banner advertisements are a relic of the ë90s, and they lend an outdated, unprofessional appearance to a website. Flash advertisements are equally undesirable because they slow browsers down, leading people to install browser add-ons that block Flash entirely. An advertisement that is never displayed will never be clicked. Also, search engines do not index Flash content. If you want to increase your websiteís relevance to search engines, you need to do it with text rather than graphics.

Getting people to come to your website is a difficult task, and you might be tempted to think that you have won the battle if your website receives plenty of hits. However, website traffic is of little benefit if your visitors click away immediately because they do not like what they see and read. By implementing these simple strategies, you can turn your website from an affiliate portal to a brand–one that people will come to recognize and trust. As the strength of your brand grows, you will find that a simple recommendation from you is all you need to convert visits into sales.