One of the key components of social media content marketing success is having fresh, relevant content to distribute online.  Understandably, people experience business hiccups, social media burnout, family emergencies, and a host of other issues that can get in the way of managing a consistent and solid content strategy.

Even though life can get in the way, social media marketing doesn’t have to fall by the waist side.  Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and tricks for staying organized, inspired, and ahead of the game all year round.

It’s important to take time out of a busy marketing schedule to plan evergreen content in advance.  In this context, “evergreen” refers to content that’s always relevant to social media followers.

How-to craft tutorials, historical content, captivating images, nostalgic TV shows, classic music videos, and famous inspirational quotes are just a few of the many evergreen content ideas for social media.  Having an arsenal of unique, engaging evergreen content on-hand is useful for any blogger, webmaster, or marketer who finds themselves in a bind.

To help manage fresh evergreen tweets, Tumblr posts, Facebook business page updates, and Pinterest images, social media marketers use content calendars to stay on track.  For starters, anyone can make their own customized content calendar free of charge to help manage scheduling and content distribution.

There are also free content calendar templates online for aspiring social media marketers to draw from as well.  Staying as organized as possible will help ensure that a social media marketing strategy never misses a beat with followers, plus it’s integral for keeping any content strategy afloat during unforeseen circumstances.

While evergreen content can fortunately be produced and scheduled in advance, breaking news stories, celebrity gossip, recent tech product launches, and other time-sensitive content must be posted as quickly as possible.  While time is of the essence with current events topics, it’s one of the best ways to keep social media content updated and fresh year-round.

To avoid looking outdated, marketers need to stay aware of the latest news brewing in a target niche.  For example, if a social media marketer is running a Twitter page that focuses on marine science, they would arrange to receive updates on breaking science news from around the world and retweet recent and relevant content from similar Twitters.

A convenient way to stay updated on up-to-the-minute news is to download free mobile apps from authoritative sources like the Smithsonian, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, Science Magazine, Tech Crunch, Wired, and many others.

Furthermore, marketers can download apps that manage their favorite online news sources and send instant alerts about fashion industry news, technology advancements, celebrity breakups, new archaeological findings, local politics, and other current events.

Having an iPad or Android tablet helps to ease the challenge of keeping social media content fresh.  Since anyone can retweet or pin recent content from anywhere around the world, online marketing doesn’t have to be put on hold, plus social media apps enable quick and easier image pinning from websites, Facebook updating, retweeting, Linkedin networking, and Tumblr re-blogging; just to name a few.

It’s important to utilize some sort of social media management system, aside from creating content calendars.  Fortunately, there’s a variety of user-friendly social media management tools that allow people to manage all their social media pages from one convenient location.

Social media content management tools, such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck, lets users track and analyze all their social media activity in real time.  This gives social media marketers a better idea of what content is trending big with followers and what’s falling flat.

Social media followers require fresh content to remain engaged, but tweets, Facebook notes, Linkedin blogs, and Pinterest boards don’t have to go stale when life throws curveballs.  This type of online marketing can have tremendous impact for new and established small businesses, so it’s important to put the right safety nets in place to keep content relevant, fresh, and on time.