How to Start Your own Amazon Shop? Amazon is the best because of the competitive pricing the sheer choice of products it offers, and the whole shopper experience. It’s a smart site and those who shop there often can’t help but go back for more.

It simply started as a book distributor but now it has blossomed to become the biggest seller of almost every product. With such an impressive stock range and

customer base, it becomes easy to see what commercial opportunities may be possible for someone wanting to get in on the whole Amazon band wagon. And

the good news is: you can jump on the band wagon and start to make serious money online by marketing and selling Amazon’s range of products yourself, and

Here’s how to Start Your own Amazon Shop

Amazon offers a number of ways to enable you to plug into their entire catalog and sell, however, some of them require a certain degree of technical

competence and programming capabilities to get the most out of their API’s and data feeds. You won’t need to worry about these or your knowledge of

programming. All you need is simple computing skills to set your Amazon shop and get it up and running ready to sell in under an hour!

As an Amazon Associate, you will get all the tools you need to quickly create your own shop, choose the products you want to sell, customize the look and feel

of your site and implement it easily on your own web pages.

Here are the simple steps for you to use to start your own Amazon shop:

1. Sign up at Amazon’s website as an Associate. The link at bottom of the page under ‘Join Associates’.

2. Login and choose an ID for your store so Amazon can track your sales.

3. Under the aStore tab, choose the category of product(s) you want to sell and select individually the items or let Amazon choose its whole range from that category.

4. Select the colors you want to use including the font, size, and wording of your store.

5. Choose what the shopper will see when they are on any given page on your site. This could include Accessories that go with your item, similar items, and buyers reviews.

6. Preview your store to see what it looks like and how it functions.

7. Copy the HTML code that Amazon automatically generates for you and paste it into your own web pages. Upload to your server and your shop is ready to go and sell.


It really is an easy step-by-step process and if you take the Associates Tour when logged in, you will see how it all comes together.

There is no reason why you can’t do this immediately and join thousands of others who are signed up on the Associate scheme and earn good money from

selling online in this way. Your potential income is up to 10% of the basket value and as the process is free, you really have nothing to lose but much to gain.

You will also find banners, widgets and text links to help you drive traffic to your site and grow your online sales. Your Amazon shop is a perfect way earn some extra income.